Ascona up to 1981

Ascona 1981 onwards

Astra up to 1997 non airbag

ASTRA 1998 onwards

Calibra all years inc vehicles with airbag

City all years

Commodore 1972 onwards

Corsa 1998 to 2001

Corsa 2001 to 2006

Corsa 2006 onwards

Corsa all years non airbag 

Frontera all years

Kadett 1973 to 1978

Kadett 1979 onwards

Manta all years 

Monza all years

Omega B all years

Omega all years non airbag 

Rekord up to 1971

Rekord 1972 onwards

Senator up to 1987

Senator 1988 onwards

Tigra all years non airbag

Vectra all years

Vita all years non airbag

Zafira 1998 onwards